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How to fix bone problems in humans ?

How to fix bone Erythematosus ?

How to fix bone problems in humans ?

Human Bone:-

Our bones give a shape to our body, by which all our necessary organisms are safe in their place. There are thick bones somewhere in the body, then thin, small and soft bones, which are prominently involved in all the activities of our body. For all these tasks, these bones also have to keep themselves healthy, for which they expect from us essential food to full physical activities. These bones, made up of protein, calcium phosphate and living bone cells, begin to deteriorate if they do not get enough of the necessary things and they are vulnerable to many diseases.

The discussion of osteoporosis has become common these days due to the changing lifestyle, as it is now beginning to engulf even the young people. In such a situation it is very important to take care of the need of bones and keep an eye on their health.

How about food and living ?

The style of eating and living is changing. In such a situation, it is common to have weak bones and problems in them. The main problem nowadays and which is difficult to identify is osteoporosis. The main meaning of osteoporosis is the reduction of bone mineral density in the bones, which is due to decrease in bone mass. The main reason for this is increasing age in men and mainly menopause in women. Apart from this, patients who remain bed-ridden i.e. due to some disease who are difficult to move or people who take certain types of medicines like steroids, also have this problem. There are some diseases in which the victim is more likely to have osteoporosis, such as hyperthyroidism, Cushing's syndrome etc.

How to identify ?

Osteoporosis is difficult to detect. It is detected in most cases after a complication. Its complexity appears mainly in the form of fractures. The main structures involved in this are spinal fracture, wrist fracture, ankle fracture and hip fracture. There is an easy way to identify such a person. These symptoms indicate osteoporosis if someone starts to be older than their actual age, is decreasing in height, has a hump on the back.

Do not ignore these situations.

If someone starts having sudden pain in the back, which lasts for a long time or is causing pain in the hips, they should not be ignored and a doctor should be consulted. This condition is usually seen in people over 60 years of age in India.

Early detection tips.

Bone marrow density is checked by DEXA scan to quickly identify osteoporosis. T scores are viewed through a DEXA scan. If it is greater than -1 then the bones are considered normal. If it is between 1 and -25, it is called osteopenia and if it is less than 25, it is called osteoporosis. If the T score is less than -25 and a fracture has taken place, it is called severe osteoporosis. Therefore, DEXA scans should be checked regularly after 65 years in women and 70 years in men.

Treatment / prevention.

The prevention of osteoporosis depends mainly on everyday living and eating. For this, daily exercise and walking is necessary. A walk should be at a fast pace for at least five days and 30 minutes daily.
Exercises should include back exercises, stretching exercises. All these should be given 30 minutes, that is, one hour of walking and exercise.

How much calcium ?

Women need at least 600 milligrams of calcium, while men need 1000 milligrams of calcium. In special cases this quantity may decrease or increase.

Vitamin D is also important.

Vitamin D is also very important, because without vitamin D, calcium cannot be absorbed in the body. In India, one thousand to 1500 IU (international unit) of vitamin D is needed in a person. Most of the vitamin D we get from sun rays. For this, 20 percent of the body should be kept in the sun for half an hour. These parts can be the face, throat, part of hands. To get Vitamin D, the sunlight at 10 to 3 am is best.

Human Bones

Osteoporosis has been identified.

If osteoporosis is recognized, there are many medicines available for it nowadays. Chief among these are bisphosphonate, calcitonin, teriparatide, hormone replacement therapy, etc., but should be used only after the advice of your doctor. Some elderly people, who are over 60 years of age and who are more prone to osteoporosis, need to take care of some things as a protection.

Note the elderly.

  • The bathroom of the elderly should not be smooth.
  • Shoes and slippers be correct.
  • The steps of the stairs should be small.
  • If you have trouble walking, use a stick.
  • If the spine is weak, they should use braces to protect it.
  • Prevention of osteoporosis is more important than its treatment, so individuals above 60 years of age should consult their doctor periodically.

Five ways to keep bones safe.

Make your bones strong in puberty, so that even after getting older, your bones will remain strong. For this, adopt these five measures.
  • Ensure the necessary calcium and vitamin D sources in your diet daily.
  • Keep your weight correct. For this, keep your weight from time to time and pay attention to it.
  • Do weight bearing exercises. (Weight lifting exercises according to your ability, which puts little stress on your bones and joints.)
  • When playing a sport, wear clothes, helmets and padded items necessary for safety.
  • Quit smoking and if you drink alcohol, reduce the amount or if possible leave it completely.

food and drink.
Keep in mind that your food is rich in calcium.

1. Milk

At the point when we consider calcium, the principal thing that strikes a chord is milk. It is extremely simple to process. It is likewise a generally excellent wellspring of calcium. Milk is significant in reinforcing bones from youth to enormous. One cup of milk contains 280 mg of calcium.


2. Orange

An orange can contain 60 mg of calcium. Orange assists with fortifying our invulnerable framework. It contains a rich measure of calcium alongside nutrient D. Nutrient D is significant in the ingestion of calcium in the body.

Dry fruits

3. Almond

Calcium is among the most elevated in calcium content. Almonds are likewise wealthy in protein. This additionally diminishes the danger of heart sicknesses. Additionally almonds can help increment your memory.

4. Yogurt

The yogurt that is remembered for day by day nourishment is likewise calcium rich. On the off chance that you don't care for milk, at that point yogurt wealthy in protein might be a superior alternative for you.

5. Cheese

cheese is additionally remembered for the rundown of being wealthy in calcium. Alongside protein, it is additionally a decent wellspring of calcium. 

6. Exercise day by day

Remember practice for your everyday practice. Regardless of whether you climb stairs, running, dicing or weight lifting, all these fortify the bones.

7. Green verdant vegetables:

If you utilize increasingly green verdant vegetables in your eating regimen then it will be extremely useful for you and there won't be any ailment identified with bones in your body.

8. Coconut oil:

If you use things made with coconut oil in your nourishment then it will be generally excellent for you, an exploration has discovered that it evacuates the absence of estrogen during the bones.

The problem related to bones (Bones) is caused to a person when his day care is wrong and his diet is also not nutritious. Bone is a very important part of human body. In such a situation, you need to take great care of your entire body.

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