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Junk Food Harmful for our health.


Junk Food Harmful for our health.

It has often been seen that what is very tasty to eat, is equally harmful for our health, and the most common stomach problem starts. While knowing how harmful junk foods are to our health. Despite that, many people like to eat junk food very much. There are many types of junk food in the market, from children to young people like to eat. At the same time, the consumption of such food is affecting the health of people all over the world. But due to their delicious, people consume them a lot.

How and why are delicious food and junk food harmful to health?

Why junk foods are tasty?

Many types of things are used to make junk food. So that it becomes very tasty to eat. But we forget that the things that have been used to make them. It is very harmful for our health. And these things mixed in small amounts take the form of a harmful thing. For example, everyone likes to eat a double hamburger. Be that as it may, when you expend it, you devour 942 calories. That is, obviously the burger is delectable to eat however because of hurtful fat, it is similarly perilous for wellbeing.

Who says junk food?

Junk food is said to be a food that contains high amounts of poorly nourished things, trans fats, sugar, sodium, and other chemicals. Usually, many foods and colors are added to make junk food tasty, appealing, . But all these things are bad for health.

Information about junk food mines:

Most of the things found in the market are included in the list of junk food. Not only this, most of the food items for which the children insist are junk food. The list of junk food includes burgers, French fries, coco cola, potato chips, pizzas, cakes, hot dogs, donuts, pancakes etc.

Indians also eat junk foods:

It is not that only things sold in the market and food of other countries come under the category of junk food. In fact, most of the Indian food that we make in our home is harmful to our health and they fall in the category of junk food. And the names of some of them are like this, paratha, kulche, kachori, kofta, puri, pakodas, and etc.

Disadvantages of junk food:

Gaining weight:

Eating any type of junk food causes great harm to our body. If you constantly eat junk food available in the market, then it can lead to increasing weight to obesity. At the same time, you must have read in your always obesity articles that junk food is the main reason for obesity. But still you people find such food so delicious. You cannot leave them even if you want to. Apart from this, they are made so delicious that you often consume them more than your capacity. These foods are high in calories. Because of which our body's calories increase due to their intake, which further increases the weight of our body. At the same time, most of the world's population is upset with the increasing weight. If you take 500 calories every day, then your weight will increase in just one week. At the same time, there is also a possibility of other diseases due to weight gain, such as knee problems, breathlessness and etc.

Risk of diabetes:

In our country where earlier diabetes disease used to happen to the elderly. At the same time, children are also becoming victims of this disease. At the same time, the main reason for children getting this disease is the food they eat. In many surveys, it has been found that children who consume more junk food are more likely to get diabetes. Not only this, many children in the world are suffering from type 2 diabetes, which is a cause for great concern. Once, the disease of Madhumeha, which is surrounded by it, suffers from it for the whole life. Not only this, this disease also becomes the cause of other types of diseases. Therefore, the next biggest loss of junk food is associated with diabetes disease.

Tooth decay:

Sugar is used in almost every type of junk food. Due to which consumption of them increases the scope of problems related to teeth. Eating junk food with high sugar content like soda, candy and baked goods affects your mouth, gums, tongue. At the same time, the teeth of many children start to rot at an early age. Because of which children have to get their teeth treated further.

Heart disease:

Junk food such as potato chips, french fries and pizza have a high sodium content. At the same time, according to doctors, sodium is harmful to our heart. Therefore, no person should consume high sodium. Not only this, eating too much sodium increases the risk of blood pressure and stroke. At the same time, a study conducted by researchers of a university has found that every 500 mg sodium intake increases the risk of stroke by 17 percent. So if you like potato chips very much and you consume it a lot, then stop doing so. If possible, eat chips of low sodium or salt free varieties. At the same time, such chips may not be very tasty, but they are right for your health.

Vitamin deficiency:

To keep the body healthy, it is very important to eat vitamins. At the same time, vitamin and minerals are not found in junk food. In such a situation, if one only depends on junk food. So there can be a deficiency of vitamins in his body. Junk foods contain protein-like items. At the same time, lack of nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, C, D and E, B are harmful for the body. And due to lack of these things, the risk of getting many diseases increases.

Synthetic material:

Many companies use artificial ingredients in their products to add flavor to junk food. At the same time, by consuming these artificial materials, you are at risk of many side effects. So whenever you buy any junk food, see how many artificial ingredients have been used to make that food. If more artificial materials have been used to make that food, do not consume it. At the same time you must be wondering what is artificial material? In fact, to give taste and good shape to many types of things, artificial colors and artificial sweeteners are given in it. Which is harmful for health.
Apart from the problem mentioned above, consuming junk food also poses a risk of problems like gastrointestinal (gastrointestinal) problems, stress, decrease in brain development. Therefore, it is said that pregnant women and young children should avoid consuming such food. So that there is no decrease in the development of the child in the pregnant woman's stomach. At the same time, the development of the mind of young children can be done well and they can lead a healthy life.

Bad effect on children:Junk food is not spoiled for a long time, so many chemicals are added to it. At the same time, health experts say that these chemicals have a bad effect on children and the chemical may increase the risk of hyperactivity in children.

Young people like this food very much:

Young people like to eat junk food a lot. Therefore, most of the people consuming these things are mostly young people. And that's why many schools and colleges in India have been banned from selling such food.

Donuts are also harmful:

Nowadays donuts are very much liked by the people. At the same time, there are many types of donuts available in the market, which are very tasty to watch as well as to eat. But health experts say that they contain a high amount of trans-fat. Therefore, their intake should be reduced as much as possible.

Coca coke, Pepsi losses:

Drinking items like coca coke and Pepsi are very much liked all over the world and they are also sold a lot. At the same time, many types of chemicals are used to make these drinking things, which spoil our body from inside. So keep your children away from consuming these things as much as you can.

Milk shake is also harmful:

Often people think that milk shake is very beneficial for health. But in reality this is not true. Actually many chemicals are used to make milk shake. With the assistance of these synthetic substances, it is given shading and flavor. At the same time, it is said that more than 45 different chemicals are added to make strawberry milk shake delicious. Therefore, consume these things as much as you can.

Disadvantages of french fries:

Of all the mines that McDonnell makes, French fries are the largest. It is said that the preservatives used in French fries are harmful for asthma and skin. Not only this, the risk of obesity becomes more likely by eating it.

Juice is also harmful:

Often people find that the juice in the packet is very healthy. But this is not true at all. It is said that the same amount of sugar is used in fruit juice, as is used in coke or Pepsi. At the same time, consuming too much sugar is very harmful for health.

Loss of pastry:
Most pastries, cookies and cakes are extremely unhealthy for health. They are usually made with refined sugar, refined wheat flour and fat, which are harmful to health. Therefore, consume them in small quantities as much as possible.

Effects of junk food intake in India:

According to a report released by the World Health Organization, the problem of obesity in India is troubling a lot of people. According to the World Health Organization, the number of obese people in India has increased every year. At the same time, 46 million or 4.6 crore people in India are obese. Apart from this, diabetes disease is also found in the people of India.

How to identify junk food?

You must be thinking that every food item found in the market is junk food, so it is not so. There are still many such things in the market which are very beneficial for health. At the same time, you should identify them. At the same time, we have told you how you can identify them.

Check content:

While buying any packet food, read the information given on the back of its packet. Because the materials that have been used to make that thing. Information about it would have been given on the packet. The names of those materials and in what quantity those materials have been used. Only by reading this you will know whether that thing is edible or not. For example, if a food item containing more sugar has been used to make something, then do not take it. At the same time, if whole grains have been used to make any ingredients, then that thing is right for eating. At the same time, you should also see which ingredients are present in that thing. Fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and food nutrients like vitamins A, C and E, if the thing is in high amount then it is healthy.

Eat only fresh things:

Always drink fresh juice instead of packet juice. Because no chemicals are used in fresh juice and it is beneficial for your health. Likewise, eat only those things which are fresh.

How many calories are there in something?

Below, we have given you information about which food items are found in what amount of calories. So that next time you do not consume these things in large quantities and if possible, avoid these things as much as you can-
calorie per gram

Different cultures and their respective cuisine:

There are many different cultures around the world. Based on these cultures, food is also found in abundance. Because of this, with the variation of place and time, we have a wide variety of foods today, some of which we like to eat very much and some do not like to eat at the same time. Before swallowing food, we chew it very well, at this time some creative processes take place, which is very important to know. It is described below,

Chewing process and five main flavors:

We go through the process of chewing food, eating almost every food item. When we put food in the mouth, the saliva present in the mouth along with the food divides this food into small particles so that the digestive system present in our body can digest it easily. These tiny particles start moving towards the papilla of the tongue located in our mouth, the upper part of our tongue is filled with this papilla. A papillae has at least 50 and maximum 100 test cells. These test cells are folded together. They are composed in such a way that petals are seen in flowers. This is called test buds. A healthy human tongue has about 10,000 test buds. Some special chemicals are present in it, which are useful for understanding the five basic flavors. These five flavors are: salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami. The word umami is derived from a Japanese word, which is related to Slavery taste.

Human evolution and taste:

To understand this fact, we need to know some special things in the history of India about 3 million years ago. At this time man had not made any such weapons, so that he could kill animals and eat their flesh. Therefore, at this time, he had to eat his fruits, dry fruits, vegetables etc. to satisfy his hunger. At this time, man needed more energy to survive. Therefore, they needed to find such foods which had high calorie content. So that they can get more energy. The thing to note is that 1 gram of fat gives up to 9 calories and 1 gram of carbohydrate is just 4 calories. Although carbohydrate is an essential element for the body, because the body is able to absorb this element the fastest.

Later, when humans learned to hunt animals due to the introduction of different tools and weapons, they needed more energy at this time. At this time they had various fruits and honey for energy. Due to having more carbohydrates in sweets, these foods could get more carbohydrates, so it was very good for living. Because of this, our test buds developed in such a way that these tastes could give a pleasant feeling to humans whenever humans ate such things. Therefore, they used to give positive signals to our brain on the eating of these things, which made the brain understand that this food item is beneficial for the body. Hence, our test buds also evolved in such a way that they could react negatively to sour things. In the same way, while eating any bitter thing, it used to give these signals to our brain, that this thing can also negatively affect the body and health. In fact, during the Stone Age, some berries were actually such that their taste was sour or bitter. Because of this, these test buds developed so that they could give negative feedback on such tests.

So now our body has become such that it reacts positively to such sweet and salty things, because such tastes were very important for survival for a long time. But the thing to note is that now we do not need as much energy for living as it used to be 3 million years ago. Therefore, now our body is not able to burn the fat and fat made from such foods, due to which many types of diseases start happening to humans.

In the same way our test buds react negatively to today's immediate healthier things, as they are bitter in taste. Therefore, our brain gets a signal that these bitter things can also be poisonous. So nowadays people try to run away from all these healthy things.

What kind of mines to avoid?

Different people have to avoid different types of mines, such as the one who has diabetes cannot eat sweet, but others can eat. But there are some things which need to be avoided. Like pizza, burgers sold in the market, all kinds of fried things etc. Although all of them are better in taste, they are more calorie. Which invites the obesity in our body. Therefore, we should avoid such mines.

Why different people have different choices?

A question also arises as to why different people like different things in food. For example, some people like sweets very much and some people run away from it. The reason for this is that human development happened simultaneously in different places of the world. The geographical location and environment of these different places were different, which humans here used to adapt for their survival. Because of this, the people living in a place with more bitter fruits adapted this taste better than those who lived in a place with less bitter fruits. In a research, it was found that people who live in places with malaria, they are found to have a gene that makes them less sensitive to bitter taste. Also, due to gene pool crossing, our test buds have started responding to different tastes. Because of this, bitter things are the favorite of some people and some people are disliked.

So now, keeping in mind our health, if we have to eat such things which are bitter in taste, then we need to eat. Green herb vegetables, which are generally not very tasty, but are very beneficial for the body. Therefore, we should keep eating green vegetables.

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