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Some best Places of human disease and treatment.

Human Disease and Treatment

Disease and Treatment

High blood pressure, coronary heart disease problems, diabetes, joint pain, kidney infection, cancer, tuberculosis (TB) and eye problems are some of the illnesses that often trouble senior citizens. These diseases require proper and long-term treatment. There are many treatments for seniors, from allopathic to naturopathy.

In this section, we will provide you information about common health problems of senior citizens, their prevention tips and medical centers. If you are old then you must undergo regular medical check up to prevent the onset of any such disease. Once a disease takes place, it takes a long time to become healthy. This leads to unnecessary expenses and stress. Hence it is said that abstinence is the best treatment.

If you are not satisfied with the diagnosis of the doctor, then it is always good to seek the opinion of another or third doctor. Avoid fake or unscrupulous doctors who misquote the opinion of another doctor in the matter of earning money. The correct diagnosis in government hospitals is guaranteed and costs less than those in private hospitals. Before taking any step, whether it is about eating medicine or taking food, be sure to consult a doctor.

Arthritis and Fracture (Arthritis and Osteoporosis)

Arthritis of the joints is called arthritis. It is the main cause of disability (disability) in people above 55 years of age. Arthritis is of different types which causes many problems. Treatment options include physical therapy, treatment and treatment of the diseased organ and procedures such as arthroplasty or joint replacement surgery. Techniques like balanced diet, body cleansing, physical activity, sweating and relaxation can be used to make the patient feel good.

Fracture is a symptomatic disease in which bones are completely fractured. If it is left untreated, it continues to grow without pain until the bones are broken.This fracture of bones, additionally referred to as fracture, happens particularly within the hip, spine and articulatio plana. it's terribly painful and takes an extended time to recover.

Preventive Measures

  1. Take calcium and vitamin D daily in prescribed quantity.
  2. Exercise weight exercises regularly.
  3. Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.
  4. Check the bone density to determine the position of your bones.

Some Special Care Center

  1. Shailbai Hospital, Ahmedabad
  2. Sancheti Institute, Pune
  3. Giants India
  4. Samveen Pain Hospital
  5. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

mental illnesses

Senior voters are in danger of the many mental sicknesses. Of these, the danger of depression (sadness) is highest. The symptoms of this sickness are as follows:
  1. No interest in things that you were happy to do.
  2. Sadness or unintentional crying, disturbance or irritation.
  3. Weak memory, not being able to focus on any one thing,

Confusion or situation.

  1. Thoughts of death or suicide.
  2. Changes in eating and drinking habits.
  3. Constant tiredness, lethargy, pain and other unexplained physical problems.

Insanity and falsehood / insanity

Symptoms of these health problems are - confusion, poor memory and situation confusion. Parkinson's and Huntington's and hypertension and trauma are the cause of these diseases. The mental technique is affected when the heart, lungs, along with organs, thyroid, pituitary and different glands do not characteristic properly. This causes insanity.

The disease of insanity is different from the commonly forgotten and confused disease in old age, which is easily cured.


Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's could be a slowly developing sickness that starts within the a part of the brain that controls memory. because it spreads to alternative components of the brain, it's an excellent impact on intelligence, emotions and skill to behave. The causes of this sickness aren't renowned.

The best thanks to avoid this sickness is to stay yourself mentally busy. Participate in activities like dance, yoga and meditation. Read books, play board games and interact with other people to make your life the best. 

Take a balanced nutritious diet and avoid alcohol and smoking. Consult your doctor about the required dosage of minerals and vitamins for health. In some cases you may also be given medicines.

A Special Care Center

  • Nymphs
  • Health Benefits Council of India

Blood pressure

The circulation of blood stresses the walls of your veins (blood vessels), it is called blood pressure. It has a typical value of about 120/80 in a healthy adult person. Heavy fluctuations in blood pressure levels can be dangerous, so it is good that your blood pressure is always under control. This can happen with regular checkups, medicines, lifestyle changes and relaxation techniques. Here are some main measures to follow.


Hypertension or Hypertension

  • Keep your weight correct.
  • Make a healthy diet plan that includes water, vegetables, low fat dairy

Food should be emphasized.

  • Drink small amounts of alcoholic beverages.
  • Stay physically active.
  • Do not smoke.

Low blood pressure

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Rest after exercise. By skipping the exercise routine
  • Blood pressure may drop.
  • Drink juices or non-alcoholic beverages beneficial for health.
  • Increase salt intake.
  • Take a walk after eating food. This helps bring blood pressure to normal levels.

Please consult your doctor (s) before taking any of the above steps.

Heart Attack

Heart attack

A heart attack occurs due to the impact of the heart muscle due to the loss of blood supply. This happens when one or more heart arteries become obstructed. In India, heart disease is one of the biggest causes of death in the country. Most heart disease problems are directly related to wrong eating, stress and lack of physical exercise.

For prevention of heart attack or other heart diseases, it is necessary to change your lifestyle and lead a healthy life. Getting regular medical checkups is equally important.

Some basics of staying free from heart diseases are given below:
  • Take a balanced diet to prevent or reduce high blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.
  • If you are overweight, reduce it.
  • Do not smoke. Find some other way to deal with stress.
  • Do physical work. Exercise properly, take walks, run and do yoga (under some efficient supervision or guidance).

Some special heart disease hospitals in India

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

  • Escort Heart Disease Institute & Research Center
  • Apollo Hospital
  • Narayana Hrudayalaya
  • Wockhardt Cardiac Hospital
  • Sri Jaydev Institute of Cardiology, Cardiology, Bangalore
  • BM Birla Cardiac Research Center.


most cancers may be a famous term for a collection of over a hundred illnesses which have an effect on completely one of a kind factors of the body. normally, older parents have most cancers of the prostate and colon and women have carcinoma. Pores and skin, lung, pancreas, bladder, body element and stomach most cancers are opportunity cancerous diseases in geriatric patients. The most step taken by way of the government. toward cancer turned into to initiate the countrywide maximum cancers manipulate program. The purpose of this application became to prevent early detection and early detection of the illness. Many nearby most cancers facilities are installation within the u . s . a . to increase the deliver of most cancers treatment facilities.

Here are some tips to help prevent cancer

  • Don't smoke: Better late than never.
  • Eat a balanced diet. A diet that is high in fruits and vegetables protects against many cancers.
  • Do regular physical exertion and keep your weight correct.
  • Avoid too much ionizing radiation.

Some Special Cancer Hospitals in India

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Cancer Hospital & Research Center
  • Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute
  • Indian Cancer Society
  • Kailash Cancer Hospital and Research Center
  • MNJ Institute of Oncology
  • Apollo Cancer Hospital
  • Kidwai Memorial Oncology Institute
  • Tata Memorial Hospital
Human Kidney

Nephrotic syndrome

Any disease or disorder that hinders the function of the kidneys is a kidney disease. Kidney disease can be genetic, congenital or acquired (acquired). Chronic kidney disease troubles in old age and there is a great risk of kidney failure, cardiovascular disease and death.

Every year a large number of people in India get kidney failure. Millions of other people suffer from other kidney diseases which are not very fatal. Keeping in mind the level of kidney problems in India, a voluntary organization called National Kidney Foundation (India) has been set up by the victims.

Kidney disease prevention

  • Keep blood pressure under control.
  • Maintain the correct weight.
  • Keep the levels of fat (lipids), such as cholesterol and triglyceride, right.
  • Do not smoke or consume any tobacco product.

Some special hospitals in India where kidney diseases are treated

  • Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute
  • National Kidney Foundation
  • Indian Renal Foundation

Tuberculosis (TB)

It is estimated that two people die of Tuberculosis (TB) every third minute in India. Such deaths can be prevented with modern anti-TB treatments such as Directly Observed Treatment Short Term (direct observation short term treatment) or DOTS. This treatment must be done for a specified period. The government has launched the National Tuberculosis Program to create the infrastructure to control the disease.

Tuberculosis Prevention

Keep hands clean continuously. Especially after coming in contact with people suffering from chronic cough.

Get tuberculosis checked every year. Such testing is available at low cost in community diagnostic schools.

Chest X-ray can be done to detect clinical signs of tuberculosis in the lungs.
Do not stand near someone when you are coughing.
Eat enough fresh air to keep lungs healthy.
Eat a good diet rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein and fiber.
Tuberculosis treatment facilities are available in all government hospitals and health care centers.

Diabetes Sign


Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which blood sugar is high. This disease occurs when beta cells of the pancreas do not produce enough insulin.

Tips to control diabetes

  • Exercise daily: Morning walk, yoga, running and aerobics keep the patient healthy.
  • Eat a good diet: Keep the amount of fat, calories and salt in the food low. Eat fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. In place of alcoholic beverages, consume fresh fruits with juice and water.
  • Eat the right diet and breakfast at regular times throughout the day.
  • Eat food slowly. It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to signal to the brain that your stomach is full.


Loss of eyesight and eye diseases like cataracts and blurring of eyes with age are the main eye diseases of old age. The government has launched a national blindness control program to treat various eye diseases and to prevent blindness. Here are some tips to keep your eyesight right.

Ways to avoid eye diseases

Give the eyes a rest of five minutes at intervals of 30–30 minutes while doing eye-catching tasks such as sewing or reading. Take your eyes off the task.
Blink the eyelids regularly. This gives relief by keeping a constant eye.
Place the palms over the eyes. Sit comfortably, breathe deeply and cover the eyes with your palms.

Keep the eyes from direct sunlight and any kind of dangerous substances.

Some Special Eye Hospitals in India

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

  • Fortis Eye Care
  • Shankar Nethralaya
  • Chaitanya Eye Hospital and Research Institute
  • Guru Nanak Eye Center
  • Arvind Eye Hospital
  • Eye care eye hospital

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