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What is Human Body?

What is human body?

What is Human Body?
Human Body

Before knowing the deep structure of the human body in detail, it is necessary to understand the meaning of this word 'Health'. The person is healthy, whose body is free from all diseases, which can carry out his normal activities without fatigue. A person who is able to easily walk ten to twelve miles in a day and perform normal physical exertion without feeling tired.

Human Body:

Who can digest plain food. Whose mind is not distracted by happiness and sorrow. This definition excludes prize winners on the strength of physical ability. A person with extraordinary physical abilities is not necessarily healthy. It is possible that he develops his muscles at the cost of something else.

According to the definition of health stated above, it is also necessary to have adequate knowledge of the human body to achieve health.

Only God knows the kind of education that was provided in ancient times. Perhaps those who have researched this subject can tell us something about it, but we all have experienced modern education in this country. It has nothing to do with our daily lives. In this way it leaves us completely mindless about our own bodies. Our knowledge of our village and our fields is also the same.

On the other hand we are being taught about things which have no relation with our daily life. I do not mean to say that knowledge is of no use, but everything has its place. We must first know our own body, our home, our village and its surroundings, the crop that grows there and the history there. General knowledge provides a very broad base to our primary knowledge. This alone can make our life prosperous. According to the ancient philosophers, our body is made up of the five elements - soil, water, air, water, fire and sky (vacuum). All our actions are controlled by the ten senses. It combines five actions - hands, feet, mouth, anus and genitalia, and five determines our understanding, nose, tongue, eyes, ears and brain. Thinking is done by the brain, some people also call it eleventh sense. For good health, it is necessary to have better combination among all these.

The internal functioning of this human body machine is amazing. The human body is a subtle form of the universe. A philosopher has also given a formula in this regard that the inside universe reflects only the outside universe. In this way, it means that if our knowledge in relation to the body is perfected, then we will have complete knowledge in relation to the universe, but even the best doctors and Hakim are not able to acquire this knowledge. Till date, no one could give us such a device, which gives information about the human brain.

Scientists have presented fascinating descriptions of the movements inside and outside the body, but no one could tell who rotates this chakra. Why one dies at an appointed time, why one cannot foretell it? In short, after reading and writing countless books, after gaining countless experiences, man comes to know how little he knows.

The functioning of the body machine depends on the coordination of its organs. If all these work in their order, then the machine keeps working in its own rhythm. If the order of one is disturbed, then the whole body becomes loose and sluggish. Therefore, a person who suffers from constipation and indigestion does not even know 'A, B, S' of good health. These two things are the root of many diseases.

The next question that wants to attract our attention is that in this world every object is used or misused. The same applies to the human body as well. When we use it to subdue selfishness and harm others, then we actually misuse it.

It is used in the right direction only when we practice self control and offer it in the service of the whole world. The human soul is a part of the eternal God of the universe. When all our activities reinforce the feeling of this relationship then our body becomes a temple.
“The functioning of the body machine depends on the coordination of its organs. If all these work in their order, then the machine keeps working in its own rhythm. If the order of one is disturbed, then the whole body becomes loose and sluggish. "

Our body has been described as a dirt mine. There is no exaggeration in this sentence if it is seen in the right contexts. If the body is really nothing but a mine of dirt, then there is no doubt that taking care of it will also be annoying. But if this so-called dirt mine is to be used properly, firstly it needs to be kept clean and clean.

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