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Why is protein necessary for our well being ?

Why is protein necessary for our well being ?

Why is protein necessary for our well being ?

What is protein?

Protein is a large nutrient, which is found in our food. It performs many functions in the human body. Its primary function is to build muscle and repair muscle in our body, so it is very popular among fitness lovers and those who work out in the gym. It is also important to keep the body of the average person fully functional. Therefore, in order to conduct smoothly the various activities of our body, we should take sufficient amount of protein in our diet. Protein is everywhere in our body in the form of our organs, skin, hair, red blood cells, muscles, and brain etc.

Let's look at some benefits from protein:

1. Protein helps to build and maintain muscles:

Protein is the primary nutrient for building muscles in our body. If you work out at the gym, or workout, then you should take adequate amounts of protein in your diet to repair muscle. After lifting heavy weights in gym or workout, our muscle fibers break down and build up again at this time our body needs a lot of protein. At this time, if high quality protein (fat protein) is taken to build muscle, then the fiber fibers stop breaking and the muscle building starts, so quickly digested protein (fat protein) should be taken immediately after the workout.

2. Protein helps to learn brain concentration and cognitive skills:

Your brain works continuously for various activities such as reading, playing, or car driving, etc. Therefore, it needs energy to perform well in all activities. If you take energy from protein food sources, then you Like serotonin and dopamine, we have enough neurotransmitters in the form of chemicals, which keep our mind happy and good. It acts like antidepressants, and as a natural remedy for anxiety.

3. Protein for skin and hair health:

The skin, hair, nails etc. of our body are made of protein. Skin proteins are collagen, elastin and keratin. Collagen which is about 75-80% on the skin, which reduces wrinkles and lines on the skin. Elastin is another protein that makes our skin structure. It makes the skin flexible and keratin keeps the skin tight.

4. Protein to keep bones strong:

Protein is about one third of the mass of bones, due to its deficiency can lead to fractures, bone weakness and osteoporosis. Protein in high diets helps in the absorption of calcium, which helps prevent the problems mentioned above.

5. Naturally balancing protein hormone:

Testosterone is the male hormone and estrogen is the female hormone. The balance of both is essential in the body, especially for men, testosterone hormone is an important one, which helps to build muscle and body structure in men. Due to its deficiency, there is less meat in the body of the men and the body increases the unwanted fat. One reason for the lack of it can be the increase of estrogen in the body. Protein boosts testosterone and naturally balances both hormones, and helps reduce unwanted fat in the body if proper diet and exercise are taken into account.

6. Protein strengthens the immune system (ability to fight diseases):

The immune system is also made up of protein, so protein makes the immune system strong. Protects the immune system from external or dangerous invaders such as microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi etc.
Our body makes proteins using amino acids, it also contains the proteins that make up the immune system. Antibodies, for example, are proteins that circulate in our blood and remain key components of a strong immune system.

7. Protein to maintain youthful stage:

A study shows that taking proper amount of protein in the diet slows down the aging process, which is helpful in keeping you young.
Protein-rich foods contain a 'master antioxidant' called glutathione, which reduces the free radicals of our body, and detoxes out substances like carcinogens that cause cancer.

8. Protein as an energy source:

However, it is not a primary source of energy compared to carbohydrates, but it gives the same energy as carbohydrates. 1 gram of protein has four kcal (4Kcals), depending on your goal and daily requirement, how many calories you need
For example, if you need 2000 Kcals calories, then you can take 50-100 grams of protein per day, it also depends on your diet, and you can meet the remaining calories with fat and carbohydrates.

Can Protein Lose Weight?

Wilzalmer Stephenson, who went on a quest in the Arctic in the early twentieth century, spent five years eating only meat. This meant that they had 80 percent meat and 20 percent protein in their food.

20 years later, in 1928, Stephenson conducted a similar experiment for nearly a year at the Bellevue Hospital in New York. Stephenson conducted these experiments because he wanted to prove those people wrong, who used to say that a human being cannot live by eating only meat.

Unfortunately, during both the experiments, he fell ill very soon. The reason was simple. Stephenson was eating protein without fat. This made him 'protein poisoning'. That is, because of taking more protein, it became difficult.
When Stephanson changed his diet and added fat along with protein to his diet, his illness was cured immediately.

At the age of 83, Stephenson continued to consume low carbohydrate and low fat diet before his death.

The case of Stephenson is one of the earliest examples, citing that consuming too much protein has a very bad effect on human health.
But this thing has become a century old. Today it is the time that people eat protein bars, protein shake, protein balls. And this is happening when most people do not know how much protein they need, how they should take protein, how little or how much protein is harmful for us.

Over the past two decades, the rate of obesity has doubled worldwide. But today we have also become more aware of our food and drink.

In the last few years, we have started using brown bread, flour bread and coarse grain bread instead of white bread. We are replacing skimmed and toned milk with full cream milk. Protein is the center of our awareness about health.
People are eager to get protein bars, protein balls and protein shake. Packets ranging from protein soup to protein serial are adorned in the market. Today, if you go to the supermarket, then the curry protein products make you feel relaxed The worldwide market of this protein supplement is estimated at $ 12.4 billion. That is, health-conscious people believe that we should take more and more protein.

But now all the experts are saying that these high protein products are unnecessary and a burden on our pocket.

Protein is essential for the growth and repair of our body. High protein items like milk, meat, eggs, fish and pulses are essential for making our body. When we eat such things, our small intestines do the work of breaking them into all the amino acids in our stomach. From here these amino acids reach our liver. The liver decides which amino acids are necessary for our body. By separating them, the rest excretes the amino acids through urine.

Does excess protein cause harm?

The good thing is that eating more protein is not so easy. Some dieticians are concerned about the fact that eating too much protein does not affect the kidneys. But all the evidence shows that this happens very little.

Protein is often said to be related to weight loss. Low weight carbohydrates cause you to lose weight. Some protein diets can also help you in doing this.
If you have breakfast full of protein in the morning, then you feel less hungry during the day. There is enough evidence that protein helps to satisfy your hunger.

Alex Johnston of Aberdeen University says that by reducing carbohydrates in your food and eating protein-rich food, you can lose weight easily. His advice is that you should eat food that contains 30 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates and 30 percent fat. This will help you a lot in weight loss.

The average diet consists of 15 percent protein, 55 percent carbohydrate and 35 percent fat. Yes, if you think that you will lose weight by just taking more protein then you are in mogul. Eating chicken or fish can be beneficial for you. At the same time, red meat and mutton can reduce your weight loss efforts. These also increase the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

There is such a protein named Mycoprotein, which you can get even without eating meat. It is found in some species of fungi. It also contains fiber. However, research is going on to understand its full benefits.

Overall, the risk of eating more protein is less. It is more than likely that due to this we start buying expensive protein supplements. Not only are they expensive, they are also afraid of bad health. Because, they contain a lot of sugar ie carbohydrates, which is enough to divert water to try to get good health.

Will consuming protein only work?

Kevin Tipton says that protein bars are like candy bars. They only contain a little protein. Tipton also says that bodybuilders also do not need protein bars, etc., as much as noise is made. According to Tipton, there is a lot of emphasis on taking supplements today. It has a big market.

According to Kevin Tipton, today protein is not just a role in your good health. Rather you should sleep well. Should be stress free and concentrate on your food.
Other experts also believe that we should take the required amount of protein only through our food. Supplements are not a good way to do this. Graeme Close of John Moore University in Liverpool says that only athletes need to take protein separately. But that too, if a protein shake is taken after the exercise, it is sufficient.

Apart from this, the elderly also need to take protein as a supplement in addition to food and drink. Emma Stevenson of Newcastle University in the UK is working with food and beverage companies. She is taking out the process of adding protein to snacks, especially those snacks which are used more by the elderly.

Graeme Close says that where young people need 0.75 grams of protein per kilogram of their weight. At the same time, the elderly need 1.2 grams of protein per kg of weight.

Are protein supplements beneficial?

A 2017 report by research company Mintel says that 27 per cent of people in the UK take a protein bar or protein shake. Those people who exercise more than twice a week, add them, then this number reaches 39%. But the interesting thing is that 63 percent of them do not know how much benefit this post work out protein shake is giving them. They are not even able to tell if they are getting any effect from it.

In 2014, after extracting 36 research, it was said that in the initial days of the year, it is beneficial to take protein diet. But after that, nothing can be said with certainty about its benefits.

As you get used to exercising, the benefits of taking protein shakes or protein bars become less. Experts say that such a protein diet is beneficial when taken with carbohydrates. Yes, it is certain that this amount of protein is helpful in keeping your body light and fit. You can do more physical work.

But, if athletes and gym goers benefit from extra doses of protein, then it does not mean that you also start taking protein supplements. Professor Kevin Tipton at the University of Stirling University in the UK says, 'Most people get more protein than they need. No one needs to take supplements. You can easily get sufficient amount of protein through your daily food and drink.

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