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Yoga stances are a panacea to forestall crown. Yoga keeps the body fit as a fiddle. As the resistance expands, the respiratory framework likewise gets more grounded. Clearly, there is no doubt of any sort of disease in a solid body. The main basic answer for evade contamination with the crown infection is yoga. 

White platelets develop: 

Doing yoga routinely normally expands the white platelets in the body. Due to these, the protection from ailment increments. At the point when the opposition of our body builds that no infection or germ can contaminate us. This arrangement of battling the sicknesses of our body disposes of itself. Along these lines we can win the fight with Corona just by yoga. Alongside this, circulatory strain, pressure, diabetes, coronary illness and so on can be maintained a strategic distance from through five pranayama and five asanas. Crown infection contaminations are for the most part a danger to those individuals who experience the ill effects of the previously mentioned sicknesses. It doesn't take long to do these asanas. At any rate five minutes can be evacuated in your day by day schedule. 

Deal with providing food: 

It is ideal to have unadulterated and new food. It is alright to stay away from meat. Soy can be taken as another option. There is nothing better than vegetarianism in the Indian food culture. Use nutrient C rich nourishments in food. Lemon, orange and amla can be utilized. Make a decoction of basil, giloy and dark pepper and take it three to four times each day. This makes the insusceptibility of the body solid. On the off chance that conceivable, perform Yagna by blending cow's ghee, googal and camphor in the incense stuff at home. Because of its smoke, any sort of microscopic organisms or infection in the house will bite the dust. 

Ailment obstruction can be expanded by fortifying the respiratory framework by performing five sorts of pranayam. 

These five are in Pranayama Bhastrika, Kapalabhati, Anulom: viloum, Bhramari and Udgith. 
  1. Bhastrika: Keeps the stomach related framework, heart, lungs and cerebrum sound. Keeps bile and mucus adjusted. 
  2. Kapalbhati: Helps in keeping all the body parts solid 
  3. Anulom-antonym: supportive in keeping heart patients sound 
  4. Bhramari: Helps to keep tranquil 
  5. Udgith: diminishes headache and discouragement 

Five Asna:

  • Ustrasana: Improves stomach related framework and builds hunger. Unwinding in back torment 
  • Paschimottanasan: It ensures against infections identified with liver and kidney. 
  • Pawanmuktasana: Effective in dispensing with wind issues and blockage. Shortcoming is far away 
  • Uttanapadaasana: Strengthens the sensory system alongside keeping the body unblemished 
  • Mandukasana: supportive in alleviating diabetes, colitis. Accommodating in discharging insulin from pancreas. In such a circumstance your resistance increments
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