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How much sanitizer should we use in a day ?


How much sanitizer should we use in a day ?

Now these days hand sanitizer is being used more for washing hands than soap. The hand sanitizer removes germs and bacteria from our hands, as well as the smell of hands after use, but some people have the habit of washing hands frequently. After putting such a hand in every small and big task, such people feel that their hands will not be able to be cleaned with just water, so they use hand sanitizer to clean hands repeatedly.

But do you know that excessive use of hand sanitizer can harm your health. Let's tell you what can harm your health by using hand sanitizer repeatedly:

1. The hand sanitizer contains a chemical called triclosan, which absorbs the skin of the hand. By using it more, this chemical gets mixed with your skin while leaving your skin. After mixing in blood, it damages the ordination of your muscles.

2. Hand sanitizer contains toxic ingredients and benzalkonium chloride, which removes germs and bacteria from hands, but it is not good for our skin. This can cause problems like skin irritation and itching.

3. A chemical called phthalates is used for fragrance in sanitizer, the amount of sanitizer which is high in it is harmful for us. Such highly fragrant sanitizers cause damage to liver, kidney, lungs and reproductive system.

4. Due to the amount of alcohol in the sanitizer, it can affect the health of children, especially if the children swallow it in the stomach.

5. Too much use makes the skin dry.

6. According to many research, its excessive use also reduces the immunity of children.

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